Thursday, September 9, 2010


me, probably singing the theme song from Full House...
The last 2 years I have participated in a little festival called Fauxchella with some friends from Long Beach. We go off somewhere, make some kick ass music, perform it for each other, and eat and drink lots of good things. This past summer's was pretty awesome. The food was AMAZING. Our chef Jessica blew my mind with all the stuff she made that weekend. The woman makes her own sausage, marshmallows, icecream, brandy-bacon-banana-bread and roasted a whole pig. I salute her:

One of the cool things about the weekend is that there is always a few photogs and film people around. One of the guys (check out his blog as well: ) is making a short film about it... here is a preview... I got chills when I saw it! I'm in it somewhere...

Official Unofficial "The Sound and the Wind - 2010 Cut" Trailer from Loose Luggage on Vimeo.

"I've been sayin it...I've been sayin it for 10 damn years."

Every time I see a punk little kid with light up sneakers I burn with envy deep down to my unlighted toes. Ever since growing out of a size 13 youth in shoes, light up shoes seemed out of reach. The only options I seemed to find were light up stripper heals that had a slot to put in dollar bills... not so appealing.

I was browsing the internet last night and found these lovely things! At last someone has heard my cry for light up shoes. Thanks ladies of Rodarte. You rock my world.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I walked to a coffee house this afternoon. Passed a young guy carrying flowers from the market. He had dark messy hair, a white v-neck and dark slim jeans. He was attractive. I started going down a rabbit hole of pondering on who the flowers were for; ......his live-in girlfriend,... who wasn't nearly as cool and laid back as him, who didn't even read books, and always hogged the covers. Oh God he smelled good as he walked by! Why was he bringing her flowers? "Those should have been for me," I told myself, getting dark and whiny because there was no one bringing me flowers on a Wednesday afternoon.

Resisting the urge to follow the scent, and the boy buying flowers for the girl he shout not be dating, I continued to the coffee house. I turned the corner and was greeted by a whole swarm of white roses (my favorite) growing around the building waiting for me. Then it hit me, I didn't need some messy haired bum-handsome guy to buy me flowers. The all-knowing, loving God of the universe made me flowers. Made them, so that I could see them while I walked and know that he wanted to bring me joy. I was also reminded that I was definitely that girl who wasn't deserving of getting flowers. But, I do get flowers, everyday, growing outside my building, on my walks to coffee houses and sometimes (on rare occassions) from messy haired handsome boys.

photos by: Amira Fritz 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Journaling Tip.

The type of pen one uses when journaling is surprisingly crucial. If it is the kind of pen that sporadically runs out of ink, you will waste valuable "I'm on a roll" time retracing the words you have just written and consequently forget that funny/significant/brilliant thing you were going to write.

If the pen is writing too lightly you will have to press down too hard, creating tension in your hand that will most definitely travel up to your brain and make you write irritated thoughts. This will make you sound like a frumpy nag who sits around writing about all the things you don't like in this world and will depress your reader to the point of making them write down all the things they hate about the world they live in whilst doing so, pressing down to hard with their own pen.
Way to go light writing pen... Ruining the world.

The pen that is too generous with ink and leaves blobs on your paper is no good either. You're going about your business, writing down your hopes and dreams, while this pen is leaking wet blobs of ink all along your page, which could get on your unbeknownst finger and get transfered via "itch" to your face. Then, when the cute guy sitting in the hipster coffee shop you are writing in, looks at you and smiles, it won't be because he thinks your cute.

So choose your journaling pen wisely because it could possibly ruin the world we live in or scare away potential suitors.

I personally prefer those all blue pens that are really skinny and skinnier at the top and write wonderfully always...I can't think of the brand they are. Currently googling it rather unsuccessfully.................

.........Wow, that was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be, but thanks to I have found them. Papermate White Brothers Ballpoint Stick Pens in Blue...NOT Black.
Blue is by far superior.

Friday, September 3, 2010

No Words.

This photo pretty much speaks for its self. Viva la gingers!

Enjoy your weekends :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I stumbled across these photos while looking for some hair photography and these make my nose kind of squidge up a little, in a creeped out/fascinated/impressed sort of way.

Enjoy... but don't try this a home.



I need a new book to read. I've been working on To Kill A Mockingbird and am just finishing up Alice in Wonderland and am looking for a couple new books to read. I just plowed through Harry Potter 7 so I'm thinking I need something with a little bit more substance and more intellectually stimulating... although it was super awesome/fun to read. I'm starting up a book club too so if you have any recommendations for that...feel free to comment.

Tell me about some good books you've just read!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart This Site

This site is pretty neato. Check it out, I found some sweet photos:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Childlike Joy.

This is a poem from Alice in Wonderland, it embodies the spirit of childlike wonder and joy. I wish everyone still had this sense of beauty and adventure ... I'm sure we all do if we dig down deep. :)

Child of the pure unclouded brow
    And dreaming eyes of wonder! 
Though time be fleet, and I and thou
   Are half a life asunder,
Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy-tale.

I have not seen thy sunny face,
   Nor heard thy silver laughter;
No thought of me shall find a place
   In thy young life's hereafter--
Enough that now thou wilt not fail
To listen to my fairy-tale.

A tale begun in other days,
   When summer suns were glowing--
A simple chime, that served to time
   The rhythm of our rowing--
Whose echoes live in memory yet,
Though envious years would say "forget."

Come, hearken then, ere voice of dread,
   With bitter tidings laden,
Shall summon to unwelcome bed
   A melancholy maiden!
We are but older children, dear,
Who fret to find our bedtime near.

Without, the frost, the blinding snow,
   The storm-wind's moody madness--
Within, the firelight's ruddy glow
  And childhood's nest of gladness.
The magic words shall hold thee fast:
Thou shalt not heed the raving blast.

And though the shadow of a sigh 
  May tremble through the story,
For "happy summer days" gone by,
  And vanish'd summer glory--
It shall not touch with breath of bale
The pleasance of our fairy tale.

by Lewis Carroll

Sunburns and Sand.

Apparently LA just got the memo that is was August and decided to turn the heater on. The last week or two has actually felt like summer. It was so hot that my ice cream cone was melting faster than I could eat it... hence the distraught expression and the river of melted goop running down my arm.

Here are some sweet pics that my room mate Colette took whilst beaching it up last week. Since we are both fair skinned gingers we decided we should rock the SPF 50. (Cause that's what cool kids do.)

looking for an open spot... away from mud flinging kids, couples in "nothing" fights and old/fat/hairy dudes in speedos

over there!

spot found. commence sun burn now...

 I promise, I am wearing bottoms....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Library Finds

I went scavenging through the musky shelves of a branch of the Los Angeles public library looking for some good tunes for a road trip. This is what I found... 90's music. Wonderful, out of date, livin la vida loca era 90's music. Here is my playlist of favorites from back in the day. Also these music videos are hilariously akward.

Exercise You Pudge!

My body hurts but feels great at the same time. I have been getting back into shape... very gradually getting back into shape. I figured I ease my way into it with some yoga. Well my friends turned me on to Yoga Co. in Santa Monica... and it was not exactly easy. The modern style studio which is tucked away on the Santa Monica promenade, sits there waiting to kick your butt and get you limber.

We've tried a few of the different classes they have to offer from relaxing yoga where they give you head rubs and lavender smelling oils to intense-sweat dripping off of nose-noodley legged power yoga classes where the guy next to you is doing ab curling hand stands from down-dog position without even breathing hard to show off how much more in shape he is than your flabby self. (inhale)

There are classes running all day of different sorts with different teachers and styles. Take a look at the schedule and pick which one suits you or try them all. The great thing about this studio is that it is donation only... you pay what you can afford. Which, being a poor slightly unemployed young person, I appreciate.

So do like I have done and go get your exercise!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I want this chair!!
We saw these at the Urban Outfitters in Hollywood after the Sol Giant show. I don't know where and how I would install this in my house. But boy do I want it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Eats on Random Streets

While wondering around lost this afternoon with my roommate Colette, we discovered the coolest little place in Silver Lake. Even in the chaos of driving downtown, the chaos of Tribal Cafe dominated and beaconed us in. (And Colette really had to pee, so it worked out great!) The front of this hole in the wall cafe is covered in tribal (well duh) carved posts, overgrown jungle-like vegetation, and signs shouting out all the goodness they offer for your belly's needs.

I almost spontaneously combusted from having too many good choices... so I went with the grilled chicken pesto panini, with red peppers, basil leaves grilled onto the bread, mozzarella, and that purple cabbage stuff. Also they had some delish boba tea, I recommend the black tea boba. It tastes like a Thai Ice Tea but blended. I was hoping for the Taro, but sadly they were out :( .... there's always next time.

Colette chose an interesting and tasty soup made of a mushroom soy milk base, with kale, mexican zucchini, papitas (like pumpkin seeds), and sliced almonds. It sounds REAL weird, but it was mm mm mm good. (Sorry Campbell's...they win with 3 "mm's") Her beverage of choice... a coconut and apple smoothy with ginger. Again, odd combo, but tasty combo.

Also a cool thing about this spot is that there is "Echo Park hipster type" dj's spinning all the latest tracks that you are so lame for not already knowing about. They also do music shows and I believe art shows there. There is a good possibility that the art is of the hippie/hipster persuasion.

Check out the cafe, then mozey over next door to the "2 Bad! Vintage! Store" for some cool shopping. Bad! Vintage! Site. We left pregnant with what I'd say was a 5 month old food baby our belly's. Happy and satisfied, we will return to Tribal Cafe again soon.

1651 W Temple StLos AngelesCA 90026
Tribal Cafe's Website.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Photographed by:

Life has been crazy lately. Moving, traveling, a job change, hosting out of town visitors, and exploring Culver City has been quite time consuming this past month. But, in amongst the chaos there is the nagging desire and need for decorating. I can not bare to live somewhere that doesn't please my eyes aesthetically. My new apartment walls are naked! They are even the color of naked. (How scandalous!)

I have been foraging the internet, the blogs, and the photog's sites for some great art to clothe my walls with. I even went to the Getty... but I'm pretty sure the stuff there was out of my price range.

OH MY GOSH! One of the surfboards on my balcony just fell over and hit the window... I thought for a second someone had jumped off the building onto our balcony! Uuugh, its too early for this crap.

Anyways, so I have been coming across a lot of really great photographers and artist during my search. Here are some of my favorite shots, and I recommend checking out more of their work. I also recommend securing large objects to something when they are on a frequently windy balcony.

yelena yemchuk.

inez van lamsweerde & vinoodh matadin

solve sundsbo.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashion Show, Fashion Show, FASHION SHOW AT LUNCH!

Last Friday we attended the CAL State Long Beach student fashion show. Miss Emilie was one of the hostess' and planners of the event. There were some pretty crazy outfits, (thigh stur-ups?) and also some pretty sweet stuff. Way to go fashion school! We also met the ladies from the super rad fashion blog GoFugYourself. I highly recommend giving it a gander. These chicks are sharp, witty, and say all the things you want to but shouldn't. Jessica and Heather, I salute you.

Apparently I was suppose to be sitting on stage on the judges couches...but opted for a seat where I could slouch and it wouldn't be seen by hundreds of people. After some much needed beers, me and my pal Natasha, a designer from Chip and Pepper, sat in the VIP and had our own judging going... fabric choices were our main qualm for the evening. So important people!

So apparently Pepper is a superstar so he needs to have his sunglasses on all the time. ha ha
Um Chip are you flippin the bird?

Emilie Finch is the next American Idol!!! or just the host of the fashion show... your votes decide America.

A good time was had by all... except for my super cute bright flashy blue suede peep toe pumps that Pepper dropped a big glob of food on at the after event dinner...may they rest in peace.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper People Pool Party (say that 5 times fast)

Last Saturday was the Paper Magazine Beatiful People Issue Party. You would be right in guessing that it took a good portion of my afternoon to figure out what to wear. I settled on a pair of Rockstar Biker Jeans, Express studded Blazer and some sky high Micheal Kors oxford boots. I was originally planning on have a good old fashion night in since I have been battling a cold for the past week....but I'm never one to turn down a good party. So I strapped on my tallest shoes and headed over to the Sunset strip with my pal John. (These fierce heels proved to be a bad idea by the end of night since they ended up getting a lot of miles on them.)
me, John, Algo, and friend

The party was at the Standard in Hollywood which was pretty cool, except for the glass display case with people in it...zoo style. What was up with that?

There were many a pretty faces to be seen, and even prettier clothes. Yes, that is a fanny pack you see in the pic can bring it back Algo! We tried to get the dancing going but there were no bites. So we shmuzed and chatted and drank the best margaritas I have ever had.

The night ended with this guy "accidentally" getting pushed into the pool in his red and white heart boxers and running around with them half way down his tush. um,...beautiful.

Where's Waldo!! Can you find us? My feet suffered through the night but fun was had regardless. I also made off with an innertube...which will be going to the beach with me shortly. Anyone know how to surf with a plastic innertube?