Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exercise You Pudge!

My body hurts but feels great at the same time. I have been getting back into shape... very gradually getting back into shape. I figured I ease my way into it with some yoga. Well my friends turned me on to Yoga Co. in Santa Monica... and it was not exactly easy. The modern style studio which is tucked away on the Santa Monica promenade, sits there waiting to kick your butt and get you limber.

We've tried a few of the different classes they have to offer from relaxing yoga where they give you head rubs and lavender smelling oils to intense-sweat dripping off of nose-noodley legged power yoga classes where the guy next to you is doing ab curling hand stands from down-dog position without even breathing hard to show off how much more in shape he is than your flabby self. (inhale)

There are classes running all day of different sorts with different teachers and styles. Take a look at the schedule and pick which one suits you or try them all. The great thing about this studio is that it is donation only... you pay what you can afford. Which, being a poor slightly unemployed young person, I appreciate.

So do like I have done and go get your exercise!

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