Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dirty Hair?

I just got back from a day of surfing followed by stuffing my belly full of home made hamburgers, beer, and milkshakes. I think  my stomach is going into shock. I've heard somewhere that you aren't suppose to eat meals bigger than both of your fists. Well, I'm pretty sure I'm a couple fists worth over the limit.

It's a wonderful thing to feel at peace with the world. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps the shifting seasons of Winter to Spring has made things a little happier. I went for a walk this morning for a cup of coffee and muffin and couldn't help but be over-joyed to be right were I was, doing what I was doing, and be who I am. It's funny how things like green grass and blossoming white trees can make you feel good about life and grateful that you get to experience it. Or the old ladies who shuffle by on the sidewalk and instead of saying a normal "good morning" to you, they make a frazzled comment on how "there are so many dang cigarette butts out here!"

Another thing that feels good is having a clean house. Me and my room mates did some Spring cleaning today and let me tell you, our place is Martha Stewart standard clean. You can actually reach things on the shelves, we now know where "that smell" was coming from in the refrigerator, and my dead potted plants are no longer in permanent residency on the balcony. Yep, we done good.

Ugh I can't stop twirling my hair... I'm typing with one hand, and its taking soooo much longer. I love the way my hair & skin feels when I get done being in the ocean. All salty and wavy (hair wavy, not skin.) I'm sure there is all sorts of nastyness hanging out in there but it just feels right to be all salt watery and burned out from a hard days work in the waves. I'll have you know I did shower...only cause this is LA and I might get some sort of chemical spill on me and then I would start turning into a watery goo thing like that show Alex Mac.... um actually that would be cool. Maybe no shower next time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breakfast for dinner!

Why not!?

Just sharing my days, that's all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Smoke Signals.

*Sidenote... sometimes I will have a story to tell or something to say but can't really think of how to start it off gracefully.  So sometimes they will just start out rather abruptly and without warning. Like word vomit. Yum. Example:

My apartment is right next to this cigar shop. (Horrible opening sentence.) The California air ever so smoggily wofts the scents from cigar smoke into my window ever to often. Now, I oddly like this smell even though it is commonly the signature scent of old men with mustaches. Men like this:

But while the lovely scent of cigar smoke drifts into my room, giving me a higher risk for lung cancer, another thing is accompanying it. The sweet tunes of the Rat Pack. The boys in the cigar shop have bought themselves a karaoke machine. So fairly often they will turn on the bbq parked at the front of the store, put the game on and sing at the top of their lungs to Frank and the rest of the gang. It's so cute hearing them jam out on the mic and shout at the tv when the football game is getting excited. I hope I'm like that when I get old. Minus the mustache.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have been thinking of getting a tattoo. I'm not sure if I actually want one or if its just because I don't have one. Like it's some right of passage. Like I must fill my quota for permanent ink on my bod. I wanted to get the words "The Lord is my portion." on the inside of my palm...but apparently that is the worst place to get a tattoo. This is because it fades really fast and doesn't go on well on that part of the body. So I started doing some browsing online to find some new ideas and inspiration. All that I seemed to find was lots and lots of photos of things people put on their skin that they will or should regret someday. Here were my favorites for worst tattoos ever and a couple clever ones!


I can't make up my mind whether this is the best or the worst...


Friday, February 5, 2010

AAAAHHH!!! So cool.

I was milling around at the California Fashion Mart looking for new lines for work and saw the most awesome jewelry line in the world. All of the stuff is really unique and clever.  
Monserat De Lucca is the name of the line. Check out some of my favorite picks from the show.

Teeth Bracelet (the teeth hang loose so the teeth can open and close and a chain connects it around in the back... aka AWESOME!)

Paper Airplanes

Measuring Tape Bracelet


Aviator Earings

Pac Man