Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cake surprise!

So here are some pictures from a cake that me & my wonderful friend Raijina Boswell (master cake baker extraordinaire) made for my birthday back in November. We did a 6 layer rainbow layer cake with a white buttercream sparkle exterior. So it looked like a boring old white cake at first, but alas when cut into a festive array of prismy awesomeness! Check out Raijina's site and if your in LA have her make you a neato cake!

cake officially destroyed!

Narrating life...

I can't remember the last time I paused to let every piece of data entering my brain to wash over my cognitive mind, like savoring a taste, realizing it is sweet, or salty, it's texture. I followed my thoughts as they came to me. Telling myself what I was seeing exactly and processing each sensory experience. I was pouring creamer into my coffee, I was stirring it in, clockwise, my hand was gripping the spoon, my brain was communicating to my hand to hold the spoon and stir it in a clockwise motion. It was swirling together, the colors blending together, actually focusing my eyes on the liquid in my glass, rather than just zoning out and going through the motions of things on auto pilot.

Not thinking of something off in the distance, a worry that I could do nothing about at that time, a looming job interview, a conversation with a friend, the breakfast that I still hadn't made at 11:30am... But right there, I truly stopped to live in the moment. I broke that moment down to molecules, and each bit of it I tasted. It's amazing how much of our time we go about life taking for granted all of the ridiculously complex matter around us, and how amazing it all is. Like right now, I'm writing down a thought that I had, in my brain, this big glob of mush in my body that thinks things, (THINKS thoughts, oh God what does that even mean!?) and by scratching liney shapes on a piece of flattened tree is able to store it here (my notebook) or share it with others who are similarly educated in the code I am scratching in. Sheesh.

How could anyone in their right mind ever experience boredom?