Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing stuff.

So I was just stumbled back to my myspace account for some odd reason thought I would go dumpster diving to see what was still on there. I dug up these old poems I wrote in college...long ago in 2006. Some of them got put in this arts book called SLAM the college puts out. Hooray! Published!

Number Two on Strike

Scratch, Write, Erase
Crumple another page
Im getting kind of tired
of this lousy writer
They use and abuse
From top to bottom
As they chase
The perfect words to
say what they say
While they use me
till Im weathered away
Till I can not take back
The words that they scratch
Till I can not erase
Till they can not write
Those emotions and feelings
that are on their mind
Its always my fault
when they can not find
the write things to say
Like right now
I refuse.
I don't want to rhyme
I don't want to keep time
Damn, there I go again
Doing what they want
Now Im so dull and blunt
Cause I followed their lead
Oh will they ever see
While youre trying to make sense I'll
be just another pencil
to you.


You saunter in
with your confident strut
Your smooth and subtle stealth
A tom cat.
Your eyes gleam mischief and pride
Doing exactly what you want
when you want
Giving attention when you feel
Your back itching
Wanting me to scratch
When and where you want.

You leave quietly
with your tail sticking in the air
As if to wave me goodbye
To tell me I was lucky
I had you around and
Look out for the next time
You'll want me to satisfy
Your Itch.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Put Your Stunner Shades On

I just got some goodies delivered to my office today at work! I highly recommend shopping online, then having them ship it to your work address... it brightens up the work day to get something in the mail. It feels like your birthday! Anyways, I found these glasses for like $5 a pop (add a 10% off code! Discount Code:UOUOUO....and save a 50 cents on each....holler) Check them out!

Pair numero uno:
Saw Miss Sevigny in these a while ago and had to have them. Hooray for nerd fashion!

Second pair:
Fits like a glove! If gloves were worn on the face. Who knows...maybe someday (Take note of that Lady GaGa ) The greenish teal color goes great with ginger hair and is super stylish. I like that they are big without being too big. I have also been liking a lot of boyish style clothes lately and these have that kind of flavor.

And last but also least...Number 3, Nuuuuumber 3:
Hhhmm, so I'm pretty sure these are not suppose to look like this, unless my ears are lop sided. Also in the picture they make them look like a totally different colored lens. Not cool are in the dog house! At least until you have another ridiculous sale on cute things.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Raised on Robbery. *

I was driving home the other day, stuck in the mess of I-5 at 5:30 and I plugged my ipod in to listen to some jams. I shuffle through and landed on a Bob Dylan song, and couldn't help but feel cool and superior cause I was listening to a golden oldie. It seems like that is the thing to do these days; latching on to past generations creative ideas. We are all about the remakes, whether it is movies, music, or fashion trends. It's like the more old culture you are into the better.

Now I am not trashing old music. I love it. I own it. I listen to it. I'm just a little curious why our generation is lacking in inventive energy to come up with a new sound. The 50's was the birth of rock, the 60's had their psychedelic hippie grooves, the 70's blessed the earth with the creation of disco, the 80's was the era of synthesized sounds and glam rock, the 90's had grunge and hip hop.....and the 2000's um, pop boybands? It seems that we have gotten lost in the last few years. Is it because we don't have an easily identifiable decade? (Um, the "O 10's", the "10zeeze", the "Tens?") We just don't know what to do with ourselves and keep recycling old material. Where is the new sound?

...And please don't say Lady Gaga is the best we can do.

*Title taken from an old Joni Mitchell song.... Aubrey Mayne: guilty of exactly what she was just ranting about.