Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Put Your Stunner Shades On

I just got some goodies delivered to my office today at work! I highly recommend shopping online, then having them ship it to your work address... it brightens up the work day to get something in the mail. It feels like your birthday! Anyways, I found these glasses for like $5 a pop (add a 10% off code! Discount Code:UOUOUO....and save a 50 cents on each....holler) Check them out!

Pair numero uno:
Saw Miss Sevigny in these a while ago and had to have them. Hooray for nerd fashion!

Second pair:
Fits like a glove! If gloves were worn on the face. Who knows...maybe someday (Take note of that Lady GaGa ) The greenish teal color goes great with ginger hair and is super stylish. I like that they are big without being too big. I have also been liking a lot of boyish style clothes lately and these have that kind of flavor.

And last but also least...Number 3, Nuuuuumber 3:
Hhhmm, so I'm pretty sure these are not suppose to look like this, unless my ears are lop sided. Also in the picture they make them look like a totally different colored lens. Not cool Urban...you are in the dog house! At least until you have another ridiculous sale on cute things.


  1. cute! my fav. are the last pair :)

    ~ http://hellomisschic.blogspot.com

  2. sweet glasses, love the last pair!