Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Eats on Random Streets

While wondering around lost this afternoon with my roommate Colette, we discovered the coolest little place in Silver Lake. Even in the chaos of driving downtown, the chaos of Tribal Cafe dominated and beaconed us in. (And Colette really had to pee, so it worked out great!) The front of this hole in the wall cafe is covered in tribal (well duh) carved posts, overgrown jungle-like vegetation, and signs shouting out all the goodness they offer for your belly's needs.

I almost spontaneously combusted from having too many good choices... so I went with the grilled chicken pesto panini, with red peppers, basil leaves grilled onto the bread, mozzarella, and that purple cabbage stuff. Also they had some delish boba tea, I recommend the black tea boba. It tastes like a Thai Ice Tea but blended. I was hoping for the Taro, but sadly they were out :( .... there's always next time.

Colette chose an interesting and tasty soup made of a mushroom soy milk base, with kale, mexican zucchini, papitas (like pumpkin seeds), and sliced almonds. It sounds REAL weird, but it was mm mm mm good. (Sorry Campbell's...they win with 3 "mm's") Her beverage of choice... a coconut and apple smoothy with ginger. Again, odd combo, but tasty combo.

Also a cool thing about this spot is that there is "Echo Park hipster type" dj's spinning all the latest tracks that you are so lame for not already knowing about. They also do music shows and I believe art shows there. There is a good possibility that the art is of the hippie/hipster persuasion.

Check out the cafe, then mozey over next door to the "2 Bad! Vintage! Store" for some cool shopping. Bad! Vintage! Site. We left pregnant with what I'd say was a 5 month old food baby our belly's. Happy and satisfied, we will return to Tribal Cafe again soon.

1651 W Temple StLos AngelesCA 90026
Tribal Cafe's Website.

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