Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunburns and Sand.

Apparently LA just got the memo that is was August and decided to turn the heater on. The last week or two has actually felt like summer. It was so hot that my ice cream cone was melting faster than I could eat it... hence the distraught expression and the river of melted goop running down my arm.

Here are some sweet pics that my room mate Colette took whilst beaching it up last week. Since we are both fair skinned gingers we decided we should rock the SPF 50. (Cause that's what cool kids do.)

looking for an open spot... away from mud flinging kids, couples in "nothing" fights and old/fat/hairy dudes in speedos

over there!

spot found. commence sun burn now...

 I promise, I am wearing bottoms....


  1. i love the second to last picture.

  2. hehehe... nice pictures, California looks so gorgeous! Hopefully I can go there one day soon, before the world ends, haha... I love to travel yet it seems I travel more to other countries than inside my own.

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog Inspire Bohemia, I am glad you enjoyed The Beatles post. I'm lovin' your blog quite a bit as well, especially the artistic header photograph, I'll be following :)

    Have a great day,