Saturday, September 4, 2010

Journaling Tip.

The type of pen one uses when journaling is surprisingly crucial. If it is the kind of pen that sporadically runs out of ink, you will waste valuable "I'm on a roll" time retracing the words you have just written and consequently forget that funny/significant/brilliant thing you were going to write.

If the pen is writing too lightly you will have to press down too hard, creating tension in your hand that will most definitely travel up to your brain and make you write irritated thoughts. This will make you sound like a frumpy nag who sits around writing about all the things you don't like in this world and will depress your reader to the point of making them write down all the things they hate about the world they live in whilst doing so, pressing down to hard with their own pen.
Way to go light writing pen... Ruining the world.

The pen that is too generous with ink and leaves blobs on your paper is no good either. You're going about your business, writing down your hopes and dreams, while this pen is leaking wet blobs of ink all along your page, which could get on your unbeknownst finger and get transfered via "itch" to your face. Then, when the cute guy sitting in the hipster coffee shop you are writing in, looks at you and smiles, it won't be because he thinks your cute.

So choose your journaling pen wisely because it could possibly ruin the world we live in or scare away potential suitors.

I personally prefer those all blue pens that are really skinny and skinnier at the top and write wonderfully always...I can't think of the brand they are. Currently googling it rather unsuccessfully.................

.........Wow, that was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be, but thanks to I have found them. Papermate White Brothers Ballpoint Stick Pens in Blue...NOT Black.
Blue is by far superior.


  1. my favorite one is bic. simple and it lasts forever.

  2. omg. best damn post ever. How the hell did you do that?? You wrote an interesting post about a pen! And, you were right on the money too. Bic is the best. Ever. Took 3 with me to France - and just for the sole purpose of journaling.


  3. My favorite are the Pilot BP-S Fine point pens...and amen for the blue pens!!!

  4. I love your blog and this post is so good!

  5. i love papermate pens!