Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I've been sayin it...I've been sayin it for 10 damn years."

Every time I see a punk little kid with light up sneakers I burn with envy deep down to my unlighted toes. Ever since growing out of a size 13 youth in shoes, light up shoes seemed out of reach. The only options I seemed to find were light up stripper heals that had a slot to put in dollar bills... not so appealing.

I was browsing the internet last night and found these lovely things! At last someone has heard my cry for light up shoes. Thanks ladies of Rodarte. You rock my world.


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  2. Magical shoes, great inspiration.

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  4. Love the shoes, my dream shoes though (that I couldn't have and every girl in my year had the but I had narrow feet so couldn't) had a secret little compartment built in the sole with thick glitter plastic door with a key inside. Like why don't they make shoes like that for adults?