Thursday, September 9, 2010


me, probably singing the theme song from Full House...
The last 2 years I have participated in a little festival called Fauxchella with some friends from Long Beach. We go off somewhere, make some kick ass music, perform it for each other, and eat and drink lots of good things. This past summer's was pretty awesome. The food was AMAZING. Our chef Jessica blew my mind with all the stuff she made that weekend. The woman makes her own sausage, marshmallows, icecream, brandy-bacon-banana-bread and roasted a whole pig. I salute her:

One of the cool things about the weekend is that there is always a few photogs and film people around. One of the guys (check out his blog as well: ) is making a short film about it... here is a preview... I got chills when I saw it! I'm in it somewhere...

Official Unofficial "The Sound and the Wind - 2010 Cut" Trailer from Loose Luggage on Vimeo.