Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I walked to a coffee house this afternoon. Passed a young guy carrying flowers from the market. He had dark messy hair, a white v-neck and dark slim jeans. He was attractive. I started going down a rabbit hole of pondering on who the flowers were for; ......his live-in girlfriend,... who wasn't nearly as cool and laid back as him, who didn't even read books, and always hogged the covers. Oh God he smelled good as he walked by! Why was he bringing her flowers? "Those should have been for me," I told myself, getting dark and whiny because there was no one bringing me flowers on a Wednesday afternoon.

Resisting the urge to follow the scent, and the boy buying flowers for the girl he shout not be dating, I continued to the coffee house. I turned the corner and was greeted by a whole swarm of white roses (my favorite) growing around the building waiting for me. Then it hit me, I didn't need some messy haired bum-handsome guy to buy me flowers. The all-knowing, loving God of the universe made me flowers. Made them, so that I could see them while I walked and know that he wanted to bring me joy. I was also reminded that I was definitely that girl who wasn't deserving of getting flowers. But, I do get flowers, everyday, growing outside my building, on my walks to coffee houses and sometimes (on rare occassions) from messy haired handsome boys.

photos by: Amira Fritz 


  1. Just wanted to leave a quick 'thanks' for your blog and your posts. I just discovered it today, but I'm enjoying

    reading it, and I'll be back again soon.

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