Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunburn in January.

For all of you folks that hate on Los Angeles, who think that it is a miserable, dusty, smoggy, real housewives of oc kind of place to live do I have news for you! Yesterday, January 29th, I did in fact, sunbath next to the pool in bikini appropriate type weather. Now I know being it January, most of the world is battling snow storms, constant rain, and shivering cold spells. But alas, here in the grand city of Angels, I can not only get fro-yo easier than water, I can have summer in the "coldest" season of all. (Muuhahahaha....maniacal laugh...maniacal laugh....)

Speaking of bikinis and great weather, I have found a bit of art that I rather fancy. These photos taken by Massimo Vitali seem to be on topic. I love how they are sort of like a fancier Where's Waldo, but without Waldo. It's amazing how much energy the pictures contain when there are so many people in them. I get that feeling when I am in a big baseball stadium or concert hall. Something about the energy of hundreds of thousands of people, all in such close proximity, all focused sometimes on the same thing... it's almost spooky. It's like a giant but muffled buzz of a bee hive; a low dubious humming. (shiver)

Well enjoy these shots.

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