Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

So this years Oscars were definitely a step up from last years pathetic excuse for a show. Ugh, I'm still cringing at Ann Hathaway hosting 2011. My favorite moment was by far the Cirque Du Soleil performance, I'm pretty sure they just sold me a ticket by that performance. Aside from some awkward moments (Angelina Jolie's stupid leg, Robert Downey Jr.'s documentary bit, and the mere presents of J.Lo being at an awards show celebrating acting and movie making when her outstanding acting career boasts quality films such as Gigli, Anaconda, and Maid In Manhattan...[come on Academy, where were her nominations for those films?]) So all in all I'd say it was a good show and the films nominated deserved to be there for the most part. I was surprised though that Drive got jilted out of a best picture nomination. Come on that movie was superb! And Gosling...sigh, wonderful.

I was however kind of underwhelmed by the fashion choices of the night. I feel like everyone has been playing it safe the past couple years and no one goes for a show stopping look. Boy I'd show them... if only they would invite me...I'd show them. So here are my picks for best dressed of the night. Feel free to rebuttle or share yours.


I love Rooney Mara's style, she's so high fashion and always looks very bold and put together. All the detailing on this dress was hard to see but really pretty. It almost looks like spiderwebbing...but in a cool way.

There is always a special place reserved in my heart for some Alexander McQueen... side note, how did Tree of Life not win anything? Just watched it and wow, amazing! Jessica Chastane was great in it too.

Next is the ensemble from Bridesmaids. Non of their dresses were spectacular by themselves but once you put them all together they made each other look better. Very Captain Planet of you ladies. ;)
(...with our powers combined...)

Of course Milla Jovovich would look great, being a former super model and all.

It seems like the older gals were on their A game last night; Meryl, Glenn hats off to you broads.

Dang I better get to the gym, Glenn Close is outdoing me.

One that I thought was lovely but didn't get nearly enough praise was Berenice Bejo. I thought her mint green dress was fun, different, and a throwback to old Hollywood glamour. It was like if fireworks and sprinkles had a baby. Marvelous...

And I couldn't make up my mind whether I liked Michelle Williams ruffley bedazzle bow dress. Normally she is hands down my favorite for style and her Golden Globes dress was awesome. I just couldn't fully get excited about this years choice, maybe if it would have been styled different or something... I don't know.


I'd have to say worst goes to:
Viola Davis- the only thing I can think of is Nickelodeon slime when looking at this.

Natalie Portman- I am always pretty disappointed with her red carpet choices. She always picks frumpy stuff or things that are the wrong color for her, or that are just plain boring. And this year...poka dots? Really?! That looked like something a girl could pick up from JCPenney. Step up your game Portman.

Angelina Jolie- Oh God the leg! Why?! Also that dress looked very similar to the rope and scrap of fabric that Ariel washed up in on shore. Mixing a heavy fabric like velvet with the way it's draped just makes it look bulky & messy.

Um, is this girl the daughter of some rifle toting over-protective dad who won't let her leave the house without full body covered? This was like Amish meets Star Wars meets "I made it myself" project. Love you in The Descendants hun, but this dress killed it for me... and not in a good way.

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