Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's go to Madonna!

A couple of months ago, due to increased stress levels and the blues, I felt the urge to get in my car and just drive, straight out of town, no definite destination or plan. Just the road under my tires and Los Angeles in my rear-view. However spontaneous I was feeling, I did pause for a moment to throw some necessities in a bag and throw my room mate Lauren in the car for camaraderie. We drove, with windows down, blasted peppy girl power-esque music, and (shocker) had no traffic. Our car pointed North we drove about 4 hours and got to San Louis Obispo at around 11:30, not prime check in time for hotels. We drove all around town looking for a place to sleep. They were either all full or were super expensive and being the cheepos that we are, refused to pay over $60 for a room. Soooo, needless to say we the backseat of my car parked on some residential street hoping to not be discovered or broken into. All in good fun eh?

We did stumble upon this neat little spot in San Louis Obispo that was pretty killer, called The Madonna Inn. It beaconed us from the freeway looking like the "It's A Small World Ride" from Disneyland, but in hotel form, complete with colorful magical lights. All of the rooms are decorated with it's own unique style that are pretty quirky, and awesome! Check out some of my favorites and go visit sometime soon.

[The Caveman]
[Hearts and Flowers] 

[Irish Hills] 
[Rock Bottom] 
[Wilhelm Tell] 
[Canary Cottage] 

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