Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh yah wait a minute Mr. Postman

As technology treks on at break neck speeds, our forms of communication have been changing drastically these days. Phones, Facebook, E-mail, Twitter, Text messaging, and now Chatroulette (which by the way is super creepy and you're guarantied to see some things you do not want to see. shudder...) For those of you who haven't experienced Chatroulette, it is a site where you log on and are randomly put into a video chat with random strangers. Now I'd heard some interesting stories about it from friends so I thought I'd give it a whirl.... needless to say there was some surprise penis. (Sorry you had to see that Athena)  :/

Anyways so communication is changing. But is it always a good idea to move forward and not bring along the classic forms of communication? I am talking about writing letters. The age old practice that has lasted for thousands of years and up until about 15 years ago was pretty popular. It's like letter writing was the friend that we had all throughout grade school who was a little awkward but ultimately pretty cool, but when we started jr. high and there are all the popular kids to go join, and the cool sort of awkward friend gets left behind. I'm hoping that things turn out like the ending of the Breakfast Club or with "The Promise" by When in Rome playing at the end of the story. Where letter writing makes a triumphant come back and we realize that we have all been missing out this whole time.

When I first moved to LA I had a lot of free time, and a lot of people that I missed. I also had a bunch of stamps from mailing out college apps and from paying off all my newly acquired parking tickets. So I got into letter writing. It's actually pretty fun to write a fun note and send it off to it's unexpecting owner. You can do all sorts of things, write long notes, short nots, notes filled to capacity with loose glitter. (mmuahaha)

It is the best when you receive a rad letter in the mail! What a nice way to break up the monotony of bills and pizza hut coupons. So if you have about 15-20 minutes to spare, write someone a letter and make their day. I know all you college kids have that stationary your mommy bought you....
It only costs $ 0.44, and its something vintage, so it must be cool. (Said with large serving of sarcasm) I'm surprised Urban Outfitters hasn't tried to cash in on this already... clever little pre-handwritten quirky letters so that your friends think that you are actually the one with some creative spunk. It's only a matter of time. 

And cards don't count. They are for the lazy or the uninspired.


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