Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For those of you who have never been to Vincent Gallo's website, or don't know of his existence, here is a little excerpt from it that I thought was great. Vincent Gallo is a writer, director, artist, and then some, with such weird style and the look of a chester... but you can't not like him. 
Love it.

" Contact Vincent Gallo 

This is a personal contact page for me, Vincent Gallo. As it is personal, I would like to say a few things about this contact address. Do not send me scripts, as I have never read a script in my life, including ones to films I've acted in, and ones that I've written and directed. I only accept legal pay or play offers from attorneys, please don't tell me about the film you're going to make one day. I'll be dead long before that happens, any day now maybe. Do not ask for signed photographs as I do not keep any photographs of myself and never had a head shot. Keep checking the merchandise page. Eventually, I will try to offer signed photos.
If you'd like to send a nude photo of yourself and you were BORN a female, please do so. I would be happy though with a simple photo of your face. It is nice to see the face of someone who writes me. I will only accept JPEG attachments. I will try my best to answer all email that is not offensive or unreasonable. But please be patient.
WARNING: To all bitter or jealous or unemployed or frustrated or mean or nasty or under-loved or under-paid or under-hung men and butchy girls. Think before you write to me. THINK HOW SMALL AND SILLY YOU APPEAR WHEN ANGRY JEALOUS AND BITTER--WRITING TO ME LIKE A SCORNED FAN. 


He also has a Shop Merchandise section of the site were he supposedly sells random worthless trinkets of his life and sometimes of other peoples. And just look, for only $1,000 you can get him to sign...a book he didn't write. Or get a shirt with his name and some sort of self appreciating saying written on with a sharpie (ex: "Vincent Gallo, Hero")

Vincent Gallo vs. Marcel Duchamp


Gallo chose a rare, out of print copy of the complete works of Marcel Duchamp as a backdrop to his signature, thus one-upping the great Duchamp.


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