Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities.

Since I moved to Los Angeles from Seattle in April, I have noticed many differences in the cultures of the two places. Each has it's ups and downs, and each has its quirks. Here are a few things I have seen and experienced since my migration south.

Fashion) While Seattle tries as hard as it can to look unfashionable, as to make a purposeful statement that they are far too advance and intellectual to care about something so trivial as attire...Los Angeles tries to go above and beyond everyone else by creating over the top style and what some would call "fashion on crack."

Seattle:                                                      Los Angeles:

Favorite Snacks) Seattle is known for its great coffee and cozy coffee shops, unfortunately in LA those don't seem exist...anywhere. Where coffee shops spring up like weeds in the Northwest, the frozen yogurt place is king down here. Delicious...but not quite the same vibe. Sinking into a big comfy couch with a good book and a...tub of frozen yogurt just doesn't cut it. But on a hot day in the valley it can be your salvation!

   Los Angeles:                                                 Seattle:

Literature) In the land of sunshine and surf, reading doesn't seem to be a very popular past time, unless you are standing in the line at Whole Food's reading about Lindsay Lohan or Kate Gossling in US Weekly. I miss second hand book stores and university people with thick glasses who think they are smarter than me.

Los Angeles:                                                           Seattle:

Men) LA is a tricky city. There are so many good looking guys, but most of them and either taken, models, gay, gay models or famous and you will never get close enough to even steal a lock of their hair. There is however a community of gents who are quite radical... the surfers. While in Seattle, most of the men are Microsoft geeks or own their own website...aka pasty computer geeks. And the only thing they are surfing, is the web for pictures of Megan Fox.

Los Angeles:                                                                                                Seattle:

Climate) Well this one is pretty obvious.
Seattle:                                                                                                        Los Angels:


  1. i dont know why but that shot of the sign adn flames make me laugh

  2. As a girl from Seattle, you are being a bit unfair to our geeky guys. Haha.