Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obree? Aubrie? Obry? Auber?

While out for a late night trip to the brand new Yogurtland that has just planted itself in downtown Burbank (woohoo!!) , me and a friend stopped by the also new Wastland vintage store (woohoo!!) to see what they had. I just happen to flip through a rack of t-shirts and what did I see? Why a fantastic shirt with my name!....well sort of. "AUBERRY" is close enough I guess.

It seems I have always been forced to put up with people spelling and saying my name wrong. I've been called Audrey more times than I can remember, Auburn, Onry, Ashley, Amy, and Auber by some. Well I found this shirt kind of comical since it is a reminder of how often people get my name wrong.

The next morning, on my Starbucks run (while wearing my shirt, and after giving them my credit card with my name printed on it) they went for neither obvious option for spelling.
Point proven.

1 comment:

  1. I totally know how you feel!
    My name is Remi (pronouced rem-e) and people cannot seem to get it right.
    I get anything from Remy, Rami, Rame...
    My favourite was from when I went to Gloria Jeans and got 'Raymee'.
    It's not that difficult ):
    And neither is your name!

    BTW, enjoying your posts, keep up the good work (: