Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sun Sun Go Away, Come Again Another Day.

Here in LA there is this thing called June gloom. It seems to be causing all sorts of confusion with moods, appetites and wardrobe selection... well maybe I'm the only one.

I start my day with a nice serving of clouds and the grey drizzle that makes me feel like I am back in the depress pot that is Seattle. What do I wear? A scarf with thick tights and boots feels appropriate, or maybe a big sweater to cuddle in throughout the day? I will definitely need a heaping cup of coffee to get my blood pumping and keep me from drifting off into dream land while at work. Of course my music selection will be something a little dark and moody, maybe some Beach House or Bon Iver... maybe some Death Cab For Cutie or The Middle yes. This will put me in the right kind of wonderful melancholy mood of a grey drizzly day that is enjoyable every once in a while. Also my ambition meter for accomplishing things with my day will be set directly at "Under-achieve." Oh take me away grey gloom day and give me wonderful things like naps and socks!

But alas, the dupe that is Los Angeles June Gloom besets. I am going about my day sighing from the grey, perfectly comfortable, relaxed, looking forward to my plan of doing nothing but reading and watching movies all day, when the 1:00pm strike hits. A little patch of blue appears over the Hollywood Hills that I see out the window. Next thing I know, there are sun beams shooting in through every orifice of window, door or crevis without invitation. It is an all out sunshine freaking bonanza here.

What about my movie watching? Why did I wear this huge ass sweater and tights!? I'm suddenly hot and sweating from the combination of coffee and thickly woven cotton clothing. Now I actually have to accomplish something with my day... and I will feel guilty for not exercising... suddenly this dark Beach House song is a little creepy while there are birds chirping and dancing in sunbeams outside of the window. WWHHYY JUNE??!!

Why must you torture me and jerk me around? I just want some consistency. I just need to know that when you say you are going to do something you do it. Don't go tricking me and messing with my vibe I have going on. Is that too much to ask you atmospheric pressure/wind patterns/precipitation? Hhmm? I can't hear you.


  1. I love the part where you said your ambition meter was set to "under-achieve". Funny stuff.

  2. love the picture with crows xx