Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God Bless Gelsons.

I was out with lil Lucie the other morning for a stroll and we ... well I, got the sudden urge for a hot chocolate and decided to dip into Gelson's Market for a spot o coco. Gelson's bakery is a dangerous place. There are all sorts of things that should not be eaten by someone desiring to fit into those size 2 pants that have been collecting dust in the closet. Deciding to indulge myself, I went a' hunting for something delicious.

It was love at first sight.

There they were, sitting there behind the glass, the most wonderful concoction I'd ever beheld in my 23 years of life..... "The Muffin Top."*

Over and over again I had (like I'm sure most of you as well) suffered from having to eat a muffin in entirety. The boring fluffy part with that tastes like a cake and a piece of dry toast had a baby. The part that you feel obligated to eat because of starving children in Africa or wherever it was people starve, even thought you derive no enjoyment whatsoever from it. The part that you feel would evoke awkward snares and scoffs from those around you for only eating the top of the muffin. Yes, that part... that horrible part of the muffin. 

Well thanks to the wonderful people of Gelson's bakery we no longer have to be afflicted with such agony. We can purchase what we truly want, what we truly need to be happy. The ever delicious, muffin top. 

Now that's what I call America. Life, Liberty, and Muffin Tops.

*(not to be confused with the common slang "muffin-top." See example below.... shudder...)

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