Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best LA Scrub Down.

This is what Aubrey looks like after 15 hrs of shooting a tv show in the Malibu sun. 

Like every human being after a hard day I enjoy being scrubbed/sandpapered down head to toe by old Asian ladies in Korea town at 2am in the morning....

You might be thinking to yourself.... wha?

Well let me tell you about the Wilshire Spa and you will understand. Tucked under a high-rise in Korea town this 24 hour spa is the place to go if you are in need of some pampering anytime. Me and my room mates go around 11pm for a late night spa adventure. You strip down to your nothings and enjoy a:  Massage, Facials, Body Scrub, Hot & Cold Baths, Dry & Steam Saunas, Mineral Salt Room, Charcoal Room, Pure Onyx Room, Lounge Area, Beauty Salon, Restaurant and more...
But, I most definitely recommend the Full Body Scrub ($50). It is da bomb. Yes... I said "da bomb." That's how good it is ... that I would resurrect the 90's slang relic for the mecca of coolness. So basically you are in the buff on a table getting your skin polished and scrubbed by an old lady in granny panties (not quite sure why, but whatever works) and washed with warm milk oil until your bod is baby soft and sparkly clean.

All you sheepish sissies and prudes... I don't care if you don't want anyone seeing your hoo-ha... Just do this. You will thank me later... hopefully fully clothed when you do. 


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