Saturday, May 8, 2010

New music for you to nibble on

I have been hunting for some new music lately, seeing as I have exhausted my own collection. I will find artists that I really like, listen to them non stop, then shortly after burn out on them. It's like eating too many sour first they are great...then your mouth starts to hurt.

So here are a few of my recent favorites...that hopefully I will not get sick of too quickly.

Marina and the Diamonds.
-at first I wasn't sure if I liked her voice or the unfantastic lyrics...but then you get sucked in by the catchy pop sound and her crazy arty style. It's like Bjork where it's an all together performance work rather than just music. Her video for "I'm Not A Robot" is pretty dang cool. Body Paint!! YES! Download a free tune of hers by clicking HERE .

-favorite's from the album are definitely "Marching Through Your Head", Kindergarden,....and "I Know", and "How Does It Fell"...and oh crap I like them all!
The Middle East.
This song is lovely, but makes me sad. But I still love it. The vidoe is like an erie kids book. They don't have a bunch of songs out cause they are still newer but I like what they have so far. Let's just hope they don't start doing Christina Aguilera style pop songs... hey it could happen.

Miike Snow.
It's hard to sit still in your desk while listening to the song Animal. Just fyi.

Mmmm j'aime le telepopmusik. C'est tre bien! This band is French and good. They kind of sound like a combo of Beach House, Lykki Li, and Scarlett Johansson. Oh and the song "Smile" is real good.

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  1. i was jus lookin for new music to downlad. great picks.

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