Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vintage Technology

In my current city of Burbank we have a nice little collection of used book stores and Goodwills to scavenge through. This year I have been particularly satisfied with the bargains on VHS'. Who can beat $1 movies to own?! Now granted you do actually have to rewind them every time you watch them, adjust the tracking when it gets fuzzy, and the bulky cases do not make packing easy. Most of these are old movies from the 90's that I was old enough to know were cool but not old enough to watch. So now I can, for $1 feel like a rebel watching all of these forbidden fruit films at last.... (oh Hello PG-13, it's me Aubrey... I don't believe we've meet.)
I know it's shocking to hear that I still have a vhs player but its not as lame as it sounds (except for when I wait through the credits for all the special features that aren't going to be there.) These are some of the golden nuggets I dug up.

Troop Beverly Hills. 
A very young Jenny Lewis stared in this, and the wardrobing is INSANE! Also note the amount of feathered bangs.

Oh my goodness this movie makes me miss Seattle so much I could rip my tights.

Home Alone.
 A holiday classic that everyone loves.

Reality Bites.
I don't know what it is about Ethan Hawk in this movie but the greasy bum thing just works. Platforms! aahh!

Private Benjamin.
Goldie Hawn in boot camp and a perm. The best scene is when she gets stuck in the barb wire fence trying to get out...or  the blue dye in the shower one.

Oh vhs... what is in store for you and me next?


  1. I love reading your posts! Troop Beverly hills!!! My friend was sooo obsessed with that one ... I've never seen private Benjamin or singles... Am I missing out?