Friday, September 25, 2009


Well t'is that time of the year for pumpkins, candy corn, and costumes! I am trying to figure out what to be. Here are my predictions for the most popular costumes...
  • All you need is a blonde wig, some foundation, and a black baby....oh and your D&G Belt... hello!
  • For a Chris Crocker costume you would need...a blonde, this sounds familiar. A bed sheet and a serious case of mental health problems will complete your look.
  • Black wig, HUGE lips, and a lot of pillows. Done.
  • If I have a nickel for every Michael Jackson costume we'll see on the 31st....I would be able to pay Michael Jackson's debt off...

  • What will you be this year? 


    1. YAYYY! I think MJ and Lady Gaga are going to be seen allot!!

      One Love,

    2. For Nadia Suleman costume supplies don't forget: $0.99 Wet n' Wild blue eyeliner pencil to draw on all them nasty veins. Eesh.

    3. eeeww. isn't that nuts! How is she able to stand up?!